Christopher Kuh’s Nutcracker


It seems there is a kitchen gadget for just about everything. Soon we’ll need an extra kitchen for the kitchen just to house all the sweetness gadgets we have.

Well, Christopher Kuh’s Nutcracker certainly fits the bill for an extremely specialized gadget, but luckily it takes up hardly any room and looks super sleek.

The Nutcracker was specifically created and designed to hold a walnut and crack it open at it’s natural slit…making your walnut binges nothing but pure pleasure.

Contact Christopher on his website for more info on obtaining one of these works of kitchen art.

[via Yanko Design]

Neil Poulton’s Fire-Wire Speakers

Neil Poulton’s Fire-Wire Speakers

Well designed speakers can be hard to come by. A large majority of the home/personal audio world is full of little (and big) black boxes.

Neil Poulton has stepped up the game a bit with his new Fire-Wire Speakers.

These are very will designed but make a point to not overwhelm your space with crazy colors or odd shapes.

At $120, the price point on these is really quite affordable for speakers this nice.

[via geeksugar

Lumin LED Lamps

Lumin LED Lamp

Sometimes you just want simple accent lighting in places that aren’t necessarily “outlet” accessible. Places like a bathroom, closet, or even outdoors.

The Home Temptations Lumin LED Lamp is the perfect solution for those things.

Available in 4 snazzy colors (Crystal White, Rouge Red, Ocean Blue and Violet), the Lumin LED lamp is made up of a single LED light housed under a piece of colored acrylic that creates smooth mood lighting and casts light in hard to reach places.

One set of 3 C batters will last over 1500 hours. Nice!

Each lamp will set you back around $75 and are available here.

[via technabob]

Titanic Lamp by Charles Trevelyan

Titanic Lamp

The Titanic Lamp by FLUKE is really more a work of art than an extremely functional lamp.

A “slice” was made an a vertical angle down the lamp so that it has the appearance of sinking into its surface.

So why might I consider this more “form” than “function”? Well, I guess that depends on if you’d like to drop $630 on a lamp.

[via bltd]

Extremis IceCube

Extremis IceCube

The IceCube, by Belgian company Extremis, is a jazzy way to not only keep drinks cool at your monthly hoedown, but also add some stellar mood lighting to the party.

There are 4 different lighting colors available and an options cushion accessory that lets you turn your cooler into a glowing-seat-of-fun.

Heavy Guy Chandelier

Heavy Guy Chandelier This spring3d chandelier is rather simplistic and modern with its exposed bulbs and simple construction.

It’s approximately 2.5 feed across and takes 5 bulbs. It easily attaches to any existing ceiling fixture. This one will cost you $145…not too shabby.

[via bltd]