USB Air Freshener…things just got weird

USB Air Freshener

I’ve seen some rather unusual USB devices in my day…but this might be the weirdest.

The USB Fragrance Oil drive from USB Geek lets you plugin a small “drive” into a USB port and put in a few drops of fragrance for which it will graciously emit throughout the day.

They have four magnificently un-geeky scents available: Rose, Peppermint, Jasmine, and Lavender.

What is the world coming to?


Extremis DoNuts

We’ve covered Extremis tables before and talked about how much we love them. And that is still the case with the Extremis DoNuts table.

This inflatable table can hold up to 6 people and is pretty much the perfect thing to take with you for a day at the beach.

They do warn, however, that the table probably wouldn’t work out so hot for actual floating on. Point noted.

Chalkboard Vase

Chalkboard Vase

Let your artsy side out with these chalkboard vases from UMA.

The vases are made out of mouth-blown glass and given a color/texture reminiscent of a chalkboard.

All necessary chalk is included. These will set you back $48 per vase.

[via Uncrate]

Komfort Pets climate-controlled pet carrier

Komfort Pets Carrier

If you travel with your pets a lot, they most likely have made their pet carrier their second home.

Well, now they can stay in their carrier in perfect pet comfort!

The Komfort Pets climate-controlled pet carrier lets you keep your pet at their optimal temperature with the set of a simple digital thermostat that can both heat and cool the carrier!

The carriers are available in 6 colors and start at $339.

Go check out the Komfort Pets website for full details.

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Hot Diggity Dogger

Hot Diggity Dogger One of the most amazing kitchen gadgets to ever exist, the Hot Diggity Dogger is making waves in the hot dog world.

Some high points:
• Quickly “grill” and toast 2 hot dogs and buns with the same speed as if you were using a regular toaster.
• Grills vertically so grease and fat run right off…making hot dogs undeniably healthy.
• Variable heat control so you can hot diggity your dogs just the way you like.

Buy this. Now.

Get Low: In-floor Bathtub

Emotion Tub

I generally think bathtubs are disgusting. But my feelings aside, this tub is just plain slick. Or rather, the installation of this tub is just plain slick.

Now obviously if you installed this thing in a main room in your home, you’d be weird. Really weird. But in the right setting, this really does just look fantastic.

The tub (just the tub, no installation), will run you $2,200.

[via Freshome]