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World’s Coolest Coffee Table Aquarium

aquarium coffee table
The 25 Gallon Aquarium Coffee Table has acrylic sides that provide clear viewing of the interior with a removable tabletop made of 1/4″-thick tempered glass that is large and sturdy enough to accommodate a sculpture and hardcover books.

The tank rests on a heavy-duty black acrylic base; lights in the base illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel. Comes with two-stage submersible filter pump and decorative plants.

A great and unique gift for the holidays, available at:

Recycle Ball and Bone

Recycle Dog Toys
For those of you out there that are trying to be good stewards and recycle, this is for you! This ball and bone are made from old dog chew toys that have been recycled into a super strong new toy.

For just $12 each, you can buy these toys here.

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We love playing fetch with our two pugs, but to be honest, sometimes we’re exhausted after a day of work and don’t want to play. Here is a great solution for those lazy days. The GoDogGo is basically a tennis ball launcher that will keep your dog occupied for hours.

It comes with 6 balls, but can hold up to 15. For the ultimate lazy person, you should teach your dog how to retrieve the ball and return it to the basket on top. That way all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show!

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Talking Dog Bowl

I knew it would eventually happen, a talking pet bowl! The Chatterbowl can record any message that you would like for your pet to hear during the day while you’re gone to work. It has a light sensor, so when your dog comes to the bowl to get a drink of water, they can hear your voice.

Although it doesn’t claim to be a solution for separation anxiety in pets, it may help. Just your calming voice will possibly put your dog at ease.

For only $24.95 it’s not a bad price for a neat gadget. I have a feeling I would get tired of the same phrase over and over again, luckily there is an off switch!

Komfort Pets climate-controlled pet carrier

Komfort Pets Carrier

If you travel with your pets a lot, they most likely have made their pet carrier their second home.

Well, now they can stay in their carrier in perfect pet comfort!

The Komfort Pets climate-controlled pet carrier lets you keep your pet at their optimal temperature with the set of a simple digital thermostat that can both heat and cool the carrier!

The carriers are available in 6 colors and start at $339.

Go check out the Komfort Pets website for full details.

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