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Potty Mug

Potty Mug

Know somebody who does NOT make the world’s best coffee? Or perhaps somebody who’s a real potty mouth.

Make a statement, or just get a chuckle with this potty mug.

Only 9 bucks from Amazon.

World’s Coolest Coffee Table Aquarium

aquarium coffee table
The 25 Gallon Aquarium Coffee Table has acrylic sides that provide clear viewing of the interior with a removable tabletop made of 1/4″-thick tempered glass that is large and sturdy enough to accommodate a sculpture and hardcover books.

The tank rests on a heavy-duty black acrylic base; lights in the base illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel. Comes with two-stage submersible filter pump and decorative plants.

A great and unique gift for the holidays, available at:

Perfect Holiday Gift – The i-Sobot Tiny Robot


The amazing i-Sobot is one of the World’s Smallest Robots!  It is packed with over 200 words and phrases, and more than 200 pre-programmed movements.  i-Sobot can do everything from saying hello and goodbye to dancing the hula.

Available at:

Custom Pez Dispenser with YOUR own head!

Your head on a Pez dispenser

Not famous enough?  Create your own fame!  Just “use your head” and you can have your own likeness (or anyone else’s) on a custom Pez dispenser.  Called “Headz,” these are the perfect unique gift, party favor, corporate premium item, collector’s item or conversation-starter.

Available from

Make your vote count with every flush

George Bush Toilet Paper

We figure that we’re certain to get some sh$t for this one, but we just couldn’t resist.  After all, we know that at least 70 percent of our American readers will love it!

(And whoever said we don’t spotlight any household staple items?)

George W Bush toilet paper is great for guest bathrooms … depending on who your guests are, that is.

Available from and other fine grocers.

Taz Ah – Animal Mug

Taz Ah

I tend to be pretty laid back and not into always being “prim and proper,” so this really cool mug just cracks me up!

It appears to be a very elegant bone china mug, but when you lift it up, Surprise! These mugs come in a variety of animal snouts; dog, monkey, pig, rabbit, and tiger. For only $23, this is a must have if you want to play a fun trick on someone.