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Perfect Holiday Gift – The i-Sobot Tiny Robot


The amazing i-Sobot is one of the World’s Smallest Robots!  It is packed with over 200 words and phrases, and more than 200 pre-programmed movements.  i-Sobot can do everything from saying hello and goodbye to dancing the hula.

Available at:

This Ain’t Your Mother’s Big Wheel!!

But it could be if you get it for her for Mother’s Day!

Check out the Huffy Green Machine H2O Trike With Water Guns – the official pimped out version of the good ole Big Wheel!  The water canon can shoot water over 20 feet – very cool!

Huffy Green Machine

Available from

Sno-Baller and Snow Block Maker

Sno-Baller and Snow Block Maker It’s the dead of winter. You are sick of being inside and sick of the people you are inside with. It’s definitely time for a snowball fight.

With the Sno-Baller and Snow Block Maker you can build a major snow fort and all the ammo you can clump together to have the ultimate snowball war.

The Sno-Baller is around $9 and the Snow Block Maker is around $6. Both are available for purchase here.