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World’s Coolest Coffee Table Aquarium

aquarium coffee table
The 25 Gallon Aquarium Coffee Table has acrylic sides that provide clear viewing of the interior with a removable tabletop made of 1/4″-thick tempered glass that is large and sturdy enough to accommodate a sculpture and hardcover books.

The tank rests on a heavy-duty black acrylic base; lights in the base illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel. Comes with two-stage submersible filter pump and decorative plants.

A great and unique gift for the holidays, available at:

NYC Subway Token Cufflinks


These really cool New York City Subway Token Cufflinks say, “I’m stylish and well traveled.”

These cufflinks are actually made with NYC subway tokens from 1953 to 1970. How could you resist these beautiful vintage cufflinks? Great for a last minute Christmas gift.

PB&J Necklace

PB&J Necklace

What goes together like peanut butter and jelly?!? Best friends, of course! These cute necklaces are an original variation on the typical best friend necklace. One friend gets the peanut butter and the other gets the jelly.Yummm…. it is making me hungry just thinking about it!

Manly Ruler Cuff

Ruler Cuff

This “Manly” Ruler Cuff reminds me of slap bracelets of yesteryear.

The stainless steel ruler design is actually to scale. It has inches on the outside and metric on the inside. I think its odd…. but interesting.

Amy Burhoe Designs


I’m in love with these designs by Amy Burhoe! She has everything from rings and earrings to pins and night lights.

I’m usually not a big jewelry type of person (I even told someone at the mall the other day that I’m scared of big jewelry!) but there is something that really attracts me to these lovely pieces of fused glass made by Amy herself.

These would make a great Christmas gift and she is even offering free shipping through Christmas. Hmmm I hope my husband is reading this…..

Diamond Dust Earrings

Diamond Dust Earrings

Need some extra BLING for the holidays? These unique earrings may be just what you are looking for….

Particles of industrial diamonds are shown off in these quartz crystal earring drops. I’m not a big fan, because it just looks like gold glitter. But if you do like this concept, check out the matching necklace.