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Recording Video Has Never Been Easier with the Flip Series of Camcorders


Hey, check this out.  It’s the world’s simplest camcorder!

With the Flip, you can now capture all your favorite moments at the push of a button and share them with friends and family by connecting it to your computer, directly into the USB drive. It’s really that easy!

It records up to 60 minutes and is also available in HD.  The price is totally reasonable and it makes the perfect gift, even for the most technically challenged people…and we all know a couple of those! ;)

Available at

This Ain’t Your Mother’s Big Wheel!!

But it could be if you get it for her for Mother’s Day!

Check out the Huffy Green Machine H2O Trike With Water Guns – the official pimped out version of the good ole Big Wheel!  The water canon can shoot water over 20 feet – very cool!

Huffy Green Machine

Available from

Sno-Baller and Snow Block Maker

Sno-Baller and Snow Block Maker It’s the dead of winter. You are sick of being inside and sick of the people you are inside with. It’s definitely time for a snowball fight.

With the Sno-Baller and Snow Block Maker you can build a major snow fort and all the ammo you can clump together to have the ultimate snowball war.

The Sno-Baller is around $9 and the Snow Block Maker is around $6. Both are available for purchase here.


My husband is counting down the days until our first possible snow. I, on the other hand, could use a few more months of warm weather. If you are a snowbunny who can’t wait for the first snowfall to head out onto the slopes, here is a great product for you.

An electrical strip is connected to the ski and provides a luminescence to either help guide those in your party, or it can be seen from a great distance. I guess it wouldn’t be a lot of help unless you skiied at night or enjoyed getting off the beaten path.

[Via Design Spotter]

61 inch Theater Spa

Theater Spa
Wow, this is ridiculous. If you happen to be one of thosoe people who sit in your backyard and think, “Hmmm I really wish I had a spa that has a 61″ LCD TV right now,” well you’re in luck!

Catalina Spas has recently launched this over the top addition for your outdoor spa. It is not currently on the manufacturer’s website, but rather through HGTV. It doesn’t say a price, but I can only imagine the price tag on this luxury.

[Via Born Rich]

Freedom Grill Portable Grill

Freedom Grill FG-50 Hitchmount Portable Propane BBQ Grill

With the NFL season just getting underway, you still have plenty of time to pick up one of these Freedom Grills from Amazon.

The Freedom Grill is a portable grill that mounts on the hitch of your vehicle so you can tailgate anywhere you please!

With 352 square inches of grilling space, you can grill for yourself and plenty of friends!

The whole package (grill, hitch mounting kit) cost around $300 at Amazon.