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Potty Mug

Potty Mug

Know somebody who does NOT make the world’s best coffee? Or perhaps somebody who’s a real potty mouth.

Make a statement, or just get a chuckle with this potty mug.

Only 9 bucks from Amazon.

Excuse me, do you know what day it is?

Day ClockDay ClockDay Clock

Never forget what day it is again with the Day Clock!

Makes a really great gift for the senile, or the absent-minded.

You can get yours any day of the week at

Periodic Table of Sentiments Notecards


I’m not really into science, but I love fun note cards. These cute cards are definitely different and original! You have the choice of either buying just one card, or the entire set of 6.

Moss Pencil

Moss Pencil

When I was a child, I had a pencil that looked like a real stick. I thought it was so cool that it actually wrote! Here is one step up, the Moss Pencil by designer sirampuch eamumpai of Thailand.

Ok, so it’s not real moss. It’s actually just green flocking, but that’s still fun, right? I suppose it would sharpen like a regular pencil…For $11 it seems a bit pricey for a fuzzy pencil.



I bought the Life.doc a couple of months ago at Target. I was immediately drawn to it because it was on sale, but also because I have a love for organization. It may be morbid but at times I think of the “What ifs” in life and how I would react when emergencies, deaths, etc. come up. This product by Buttoned Up is one of many products that they provide, that help you keep your life organized in different situations.

I am trying to get a more paperless office, so if I would have researched my purchase a bit more, I probably would not have gotten this. There is a disk that comes with the binder that allows you to open the pages in Microsoft Word and type out your information. If you do not have Microsoft Word, then you’re out of luck. Writing things down on paper in a binder seems a bit archaic because this type of information will eventually change. One would need to use a pencil to be able to alter your info in years to come. Not the polished look I was going for.

Nonetheless, this product provides many pages to guide you through the process of writing down critical information that is nice to have all in one location. If you’re a paper kind of person and like things written down instead of on your computer, this is the product for you.

Working Girl’s Survival Kit

Survival Kit

I absolutely love office supplies. That is probably why I am so drawn to the store, See Jane Work. They have tons of super cute office supplies and fun gifts for the working woman.

This particular item really caught my eye. It is the Working Girl’s Survival Kit. Packed full of all of the essentials that you would need in case an emergency came up at work.

For just $40, it would be a perfect gift for someone who just started a new job! Like the See Jane Work website? You can now check out their new flagship store.