Sasa Saddle Pail

Sasa Saddle Pail

Picking blueberries with my family as a kid is always a great memory. Squatting for 3 hours to pick said blueberries is the part I like to forget. :)

Industrial designer, Kitta Perttula, has designed a fantastic gardening tool to solve the problem of squatting and bending over in the garden.

Her Sasa Saddle Pail is a both a stool and a bucket. Simply sit on the saddle and drop the fruit and veggies you’re picking right in to the bucket! Ingenious!

It runs around $45USD at the Design Forum Shop.

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I don’t care if you like or absolutely despise vegetables, these Mutatoes by artist Uli Westphal are fantastically mind boggling…if not a tad scary.

Uli has created an entire slew of “mutant” vegetables that are perfectly edible and are actually available at farmers markets in Berlin!

Check out the entire Mutatoes collection here.

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Meeraboo-2007 ST-1 – Finally a legit place to store your pocket-junk

Meeraboo-2007 ST-1

So you come home late one evening and it’s pitch dark in your apartment…except for your glowing Meeraboo-2007 ST-1 (that you pronounce fully every time you talk about it). Thank goodness you’ve got this handy table/lamp.

The glowing orb underneath the table projects light through a hole in the table onto your ceiling to provide a small amount of light.

The orb itself is the perfect place to drop pocket-junk like your keys, watch, wallet, iPhone, etc etc.

I can’t imagine this table costing less than your right arm.

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Gold-Plated iCans

iCans File this under “Spoiled Rich Kid”…these 24k Gold Plated Headphones are sure to get you mugged…and then kicked in the shins for wearing these ridiculous things.

They headphones are fully-collapsable and have built-in S-Logic Natural surround sound. Yeehaw.

Surprise of surprises, SkyMall is the place to snag these things.

At $200 a pop you’re sure to be laughed at in all public places.

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Espresso Machine…of Doom

Saeco Etienne Louis espresso coffee machine

This thing just looks painful. I’m not sure whether to make espresso with it throw it at my annoying neighbor.

This espresso machine (the Etienne Louis) was created by Swiss designer Carlo Borer. The death-sphere holds the removable water tank and you can brew up to two cups of espresso at the same time.

Be sure to check out the full product gallery.

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Gold Business Cards…A Perfect Card For “The Man”

Gold Business Card

So you’ve been looking for a way to shmooze your boss, eh? Well then you probably should get a hold of one of his business cards and send it here.

These guys will take your business card, scan it in to their machines, and then create a replica of the card in gold. Now, the card will only contain 1 gram of actual “gold”…but who really cares. Your boss sure won’t.

At only $180, it’s certainly worth the killer raise you’ll get.