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Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Step 1: Put nut between legs
Step 2: Squeeze

What more needs to be said?

Available at

Build a drinking pipeline with Strawz


Mom always said not to play with your food, but this is just too cool to pass up.

Strawz are a set of straws and connectors that let you build a pipeline to their drink…or multiple drinks!

A set of Strawz is $15.

Gun Egg Fryers

Gun Egg Fryers

Growing up we’d get together every year with a bunch of family friends and have a big breakfast together. Occasionally they’d be “themed” in some way.

If we ever got back together to do one of these breakfasts, I’d definitely suggest we make it western themed so we could use these killer gun egg fryers (pun intended).

If we replaced all the guns on earth with gun-shaped fried eggs, I’m sure it’d be a happier place.

You like to drizzle? Fo’ shizzle?

Drizzler There are kitchen gadgets for just about any task. Thankfully another one has made its way to the market.

The Drizzler was created to help you do just that. Drizzle.

Sometimes deserts require that icing be drizzle on top. Previously you had to go the somewhat awkward and messy route of piling the icing on a spoon and then letting it drip of. No more!

Pick up a Drizzler for a reasonably priced $9!

Dalla Piazza NuScup

Dalla Piazza NuScup

When you are right smack in the middle of getting all your ingredients together, having something like the Dalla Piazza NuScup would be amazingly handy.Whenever you need anything from flour to milk, just grab the NuScup and pour or scoop what you need right in to it.No more keeping up with sets of measuring cups and spoons…it’s all right there in the NuScup.The NuScup is available at for $18.

Fluid Earth Bowl

Fluid Earth Bowl

Fluidforms is the maker of all things wavy. All of their products have a unique, flowing feel to them that makes them feel natural.

One of their most unique products is the Fluid Earth bowl.

Each bowl can be customized to create your very own individual bowl.

The way the Fluid Earth bowl works is you are presented a map from which you pick a surface area (such as your hometown or favorite city) and Fluidforms will analyze the topography of that area and then create a bowl that follows the contours of the topography.

So since I’m here in Denver, I could have an interesting bowl with the Rocky Mountains making its way down the side.

Each bowl costs around $240 USD and takes around 3-5 weeks to produce and ship.