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Paintball Tank – The Ultimate Man-Machine

Paintball Tank
Incredible. What do you get when you mix 2 of the manliest things on earth (paintball and tanks)? A war machine capable of decimating anything it’s 3.5 foot wide path.

For a mere $14,400 you can have one of these beastly machines that every man within 800 miles will immediately covet.

Each tank is built to your specifications and takes around 3 months to build. They’re produced in the UK and according to them can actually be driven on public streets!

You can spend your life savings on this paintballing machine here.

[via Born Rich]


My husband is counting down the days until our first possible snow. I, on the other hand, could use a few more months of warm weather. If you are a snowbunny who can’t wait for the first snowfall to head out onto the slopes, here is a great product for you.

An electrical strip is connected to the ski and provides a luminescence to either help guide those in your party, or it can be seen from a great distance. I guess it wouldn’t be a lot of help unless you skiied at night or enjoyed getting off the beaten path.

[Via Design Spotter]

Create Your Very Own Putt-Putt Course

My Mini Golf Putt-Putt Course

Putt-Putt is one of those classic games that anyone of any age can play and be on the same playing-field with their skill level. The obstacles in putt-putt really just make it a fun game for everybody.

Now, instead of having to pay $8 for a round at your local putt-putt golf place, you can setup your own course anywhere you choose!

The “My Mini Golf Putt-Putt Course” is a 16 piece set of loops, holes, ramps, and more that let you create a unique course in your office, home, yard, or wherever you’d like. My main gripe? It’s a whopping $420 for the set!

[via Uncrate]