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LampLamp – The double ended lightbulb


Lightbulbs have led a fairly boring life. Until now. It’s subtle, but the LampLamp is actually quite interesting once it’s in use.

At $28 a pop, they are a tad expensive though.

Foliage Lamp

Foliage Lamp

Why hang something boring from your ceiling when you can hang a big glob of fake foliage from it?

The Foliage Lamp, available for $60, is a fantastic mix of form and functionality with it’s mix of solid lighting and hip mess of tangled greenery.

Available in green or white.

Bamboo Pillar Candle

Bamboo Pillar Candle

I love candles that have some texture and this Bamboo Pillar Candle is just amazing from that perspective.

The candle gives off a “Baobab wood scent, which is a deep timbery fragrance with notes of leather, amber, tall grasses and flora.”

The candle is around 6 inches tall and will burn for about 40 hours.

They’re available for $17 from Wrapables.

Hands-Free BrimLight

This BrimLight is such a great idea. It clips to the underside of your hat and provides hands free light!

Five LED lights provide light for many hours and the battery life is up to 40 hours long. This is just a smart solution to hands free lighting and for $17.95 it definitely seems worth it.

[Via Book of Joe]

Balloon Lamp

Balloon Lamp
Kyouei Designs is brilliant. This Balloon Lamp packet comes with a balloon, two lithium coin batteries and a clear LED bulb that can last up to 100 hours.

At $30 bucks a pop, it would be a bit expensive to get the clustered look. By itself, not so impressive, but pretty cool with multiple balloons.

[Via Designboom]

The Paperclip Lamp

The Paperclip Lamp
Very sleek and simple, but I like it! This Paperclip Lamp is shaped like a rather large paperclip and has a series of lights on the underneath.

Maybe not the most practical thing, but hey, its art!