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Cha Cha Cha Chia Obama

In part of their “Proud to be American” series, the Chiapet people bring to you Chia Obama.

I suppose this would make a great gift for the Chia Democrat on your shopping list -

Chia Obama

Chia Obama - Perfect for the Chia Democrat

It’s not easy being green … until now.

And now you can go green.  Actually, green x 2.

It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s environmentally friendly …

The Green Green Hopping Frog

Your friends will be green with envy.

Recording Video Has Never Been Easier with the Flip Series of Camcorders


Hey, check this out.¬† It’s the world’s simplest camcorder!

With the Flip, you can now capture all your favorite moments at the push of a button and share them with friends and family by connecting it to your computer, directly into the USB drive. It’s really that easy!

It records up to 60 minutes and is also available in HD.¬† The price is totally reasonable and it makes the perfect gift, even for the most technically challenged people…and we all know a couple of those! ;)

Available at

Breakable Gift Wrap

Breakable Gift Wrap
What is more fun than getting a gift that you are supposed to break? A jewelry store in London gives you the option of having your item gift wrapped with their unique breakable gift wrap.

The unfortunately thing is that you can’t reuse the gift wrap, but who cares when you get to break something on purpose!


Mini BoomBox – Jam it down the street with your iPod…boombox style

Mini BoomBox

So while iPods certainly are a popular gadget…they really lack in certain areas. Namely, they don’t look like a boombox. Basically you don’t have a legitimate piece of audio equipment unless it looks like a boombox straight out of the early ’90s.

Thankfully, we finally have a solution.

By the end of September you’ll be able to purchase a mini cardboard boombox with real, working speakers, that you can drop your iPod into and rock it down your street.



Readymech Paper Toys

Readymech Paper Toys You like toys? You like art? You like crafts? Well first off, if you don’t you should. Second, you should checkout the paper toys from Readymech!

These are dozens of different characters for you to print out (they fit on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper) and fold and put all over the place to brighten someone’s day!

The only requirements for these toys are doubled-sided tape, thick matte paper (if you want them to last longer than a day), and about 10-15 minutes of your time for each toy!