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CD Player Shoe

CD Sneaker
If this doesn’t scream 1985, I don’t know what does. Also, if you’re still stuck in the 80′s, this is the perfect shoe for you!

Not sure if it is real, but if they are, they would give these shoes a “run” for their money!

Super Mario Bros Sound Effects Plush

Super Mario Plush
Who can forget those familiar tunes of Super Mario Brothers? Now you don’t have to. These plush toys can keep those fun sound effects fresh in your mind.

The Koopa Trooper shell and the Question block both have a sound module inside of their soft shell. Just be careful to not give this to a child who likes to listen to the noise over and over again. It could easily get annoying!

Mini BoomBox – Jam it down the street with your iPod…boombox style

Mini BoomBox

So while iPods certainly are a popular gadget…they really lack in certain areas. Namely, they don’t look like a boombox. Basically you don’t have a legitimate piece of audio equipment unless it looks like a boombox straight out of the early ’90s.

Thankfully, we finally have a solution.

By the end of September you’ll be able to purchase a mini cardboard boombox with real, working speakers, that you can drop your iPod into and rock it down your street.



Neil Poulton’s Fire-Wire Speakers

Neil Poulton’s Fire-Wire Speakers

Well designed speakers can be hard to come by. A large majority of the home/personal audio world is full of little (and big) black boxes.

Neil Poulton has stepped up the game a bit with his new Fire-Wire Speakers.

These are very will designed but make a point to not overwhelm your space with crazy colors or odd shapes.

At $120, the price point on these is really quite affordable for speakers this nice.

[via geeksugar