Gargantua Table

Gargantua Table

So I have to admit, I really like outdoor furniture. No clue why. I just do.

The Extremis Gargantua really is one of the coolest pieces of outdoor furniture I’ve ever seen.

It allows for all sorts of uses and fits just about any lifestyle. The table is made of up multiple “attachments” that lets you adjust the table to each situation. There are 4 different sections that surround the main table part that can all be raised or lowered. The lower setting is for adults, the next two settings up are for children, and if you raise it all the way to the top, it becomes a table extender!

Gargantua Table Settings

Now…for the bad news. While it is an extremely jazzy piece of furniture, this is gonna set you back close to 7 grand. OUCH!

If you’re really interested in dropping the cash on one of these, check out the Extremis dealer list.

Utili-Key: Super Handy Dandy Must-Have for Any Keychain

Utili-Key So every once in a while I come across something that doesn’t necessarily look all that cool but is seriously just straight handy.

The Swiss+Tech Utili-Key is just one of those products.

It’s less than 3 inches in length and only weighs half an ounce. Did I mention it has 6 tools included? Everything from a knife to a screwdriver to a bottle opener. This has got to be one of the handiest little gadgets ever.

On top of all that, it’ll barely set you back any change…it’s only $11!

Dirt Devil KONE by Karim Rashid

Dirt Devil Kone Wait…you want to know what that thing is? Oh yeah. It’s a handheld vacuum cleaner! How cool is that?

Designed by Karim Rashid, this little piece of industrial art will make you want to clean constantly. That, or just look at the tool to do the cleaning.

It’s available here in 6 different colors from white to purple and will run you around $43.

Jen Stark Construction Paper Sculpting

Jen Stark

Admit it. You love construction paper. What’s not to love about construction paper? You can draw on it, cut it, and build just about anything.

Well now it is officially a material for making absolutely stunning sculptures.

Artist Jen Stark has created some stunning sculptures using nothing but construction paper. My words really can’t begin to do this stuff justice.

Go check out the full sculpture gallery. Amazing.

Fuwapica Mood/Weight Chairs

Fuwapica Mood/Weight Chairs

These Fuwapica chairs (which means “soft and flashy” in Japanese), are a set of stools designed to change color based on things such as mood and weight.

“Weight?”, you ask? Yes. The colors of the chairs change depending on your weight. Perfect for a social gathering of people who don’t know each other that well where there are most likely some self-conscious people around.

The weight thing aside, it also detects your mood. So say you are your friends are sitting around arguing about who knows what, chances are, the chairs (and the room) will have a nice red tint to it. The perfect way to fuel the fire.

Right now these chairs are in limited production and should you want to get a hold of a set, they’ll run you a cool $3,500.

[via Inventor Spot]

Havaleena Light Bouquet

Havaleena Light Bouquet

The new Havaleena Light Bouquet from Tayo Design Studio is a snazzy little way to add some flare to your outdoor picnic or get-together.

Each set of light bouquets come with 3 different light sticks with interchangeable color filters.

A single set will run you around $150.