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Aptera – The future of fuel efficient cars

Aptera Fuel Efficient Car
Aptera is a “small company with a big mission.” They’re goal is to make the most fuel efficient car…ever.

The car they are currently building/testing runs off a combination of gasoline and electricity. With this combination they’re able to achieve around 300MPG. Yes, that’s 3-0-0.

The car will cost between $26k and $29k and is set to be put into production late 2008.

Paintball Tank – The Ultimate Man-Machine

Paintball Tank
Incredible. What do you get when you mix 2 of the manliest things on earth (paintball and tanks)? A war machine capable of decimating anything it’s 3.5 foot wide path.

For a mere $14,400 you can have one of these beastly machines that every man within 800 miles will immediately covet.

Each tank is built to your specifications and takes around 3 months to build. They’re produced in the UK and according to them can actually be driven on public streets!

You can spend your life savings on this paintballing machine here.

[via Born Rich]

Bike Vending Machine

Bike Dispenser
You can vend just about anything. From candy to coke to iPods to movies to cellphones and even groceries…you seriously can get just about anything in a vending machine.

Now you can add another thing to the list of vendable goods. Bicycles. Yes. Bicycles.

A Dutch company has been testing out the idea of renting out bikes via bike vending machines.

Bike Dispenser
You’d simply rent a bike to take you from one place to another and then drop off your bike at your destination’s bike dispenser.

It really is a great idea (and certainly hasn’t been done in this fashion before). The company actually won a 2007 Spark Design & Architecture Awards for their ingenious idea.

[via Trend Hunter]

Aeroscraft – Get your blimp on


Oh snap! This thing is HUGE!

The Aeroscraft ML866, by Aeros, is a modern day “blimp” of sorts.

Aeros aims to reinvent the flying wheel and make air travel much more luxurious (if you so chose). They like to refer to it as a flying yacht…with the pool included.

This jumbo plane/blimp is a tasty 5,382 square feet and has a travel range of 3,100 miles. Unfortunately, its top speed is a snail’s pace 115 mph.

The upside here is that it can land or takeoff from pretty much anywhere. It has a vertical takeoff and landing that is supposedly quite gentle and slow.

Word has it that the first model will be operational by late-September 2007!

[via: gizmag]