Legna Pod Votive Set

Legna Pod Quad Votive set

jefdesigns has created a fun votive set called Legna Pod. The set is created out of frosted acrylic and actual wooden panels that give a sleek and modern look that will fit just about anywhere.

Each pod is made once your order is placed and each pod will vary a bit from the product photos…giving you a truly unique product.

You have a choice of 4 different woods: Bamboo, Rosewood, Teak, and Zebrawood.

Each set costs $50 and is available here

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The Corner Tree

Corner Tree Industrial designer Abhinav Dapke has design a fun bookshelf to fit in any odd corner space. It’d be a perfect piece of furniture to hold anything from books to your keys and wallet to whatever else can sit on a flat surface.

Unfortunately it would seem this item isn’t in production yet. Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

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Bakers Edge – Brownies for edge lovers

Bakers Edge Brownie Pan

Lovers of goodies like brownies can usually be divided into two camps…those who love the center and those who love the edges.

I personally am a center lover. Suer there are usually only one or two squares that are nothing but pure goodness in the middle, but for me they are the best.

I’m well aware that there are people who prefer the chewy edges (or crispy in some cases) and the folks at Bakers Edge have made a pan that caters to just those people.

The Bakers Edge Brownie Pan is an ingenious creation that makes sure every brownie has at least 2 sides of edgy goodness. It’s definitely one of those things where you punch your self in the face saying “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”

Rumor has it that they have other similar products in the works for other foods such as lasagna.

A single pan will set you back $34.

Aeroscraft – Get your blimp on


Oh snap! This thing is HUGE!

The Aeroscraft ML866, by Aeros, is a modern day “blimp” of sorts.

Aeros aims to reinvent the flying wheel and make air travel much more luxurious (if you so chose). They like to refer to it as a flying yacht…with the pool included.

This jumbo plane/blimp is a tasty 5,382 square feet and has a travel range of 3,100 miles. Unfortunately, its top speed is a snail’s pace 115 mph.

The upside here is that it can land or takeoff from pretty much anywhere. It has a vertical takeoff and landing that is supposedly quite gentle and slow.

Word has it that the first model will be operational by late-September 2007!

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LED Alarm Clock

LED Alarm Clock

Digital clocks, for the most part, have had the same general form factor for years. The all resemble some sort of basic rectangular shape.

The Numbers LED Alarm Clock has changed all of that and spiced things up a bit.

Each “digit” is its own individual block that can be moved, stacked, twisted, or placed however you feel like. It comes with a separate controller for the settings and alarm (including snooze).

It’s due to hit night stands around the world on August 20, 2007 and will set you back ~$150.

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Pantone Mugs

Pantone Mugs

If you haven’t already finished your Christmas shopping (what? Christmas is only 5 months away…Target already has Christmas stuff up)…then here is a great gift idea for the designer in your office.

This set of 10 Pantone color mugs is a must have for any designer who collects mugs…errr…or just anybody who likes mugs.

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