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Cityscape Coffee Table

CityScape Shelf
This cityscape is actually a coffee table in disguise. It not only adds style to your space, but also provides practical storage space for your books, magazines or whatever.

Designer: vaugh|shannon

[Via Design Spotter]

Lucky Bamboo Light

Bamboo Lights
Artsy lighting is a great way to accessorize your home. Whether it is practical or not, these Bamboo Lights, manufactured by Yamagiwa are too cool. The designer, Pablo Reinoso was inspired by the varied uses of bamboo in Japan.

[Via Yanko Desigs]

Stainless Steel Puzzle Coasters

Stainless steel puzzle coasters are so much better than the bland round cork coasters. These scream, “Not only am I practical, but I’m fun!”

Since they are stainless steel, they are easy to clean with a damp cloth. It would be a perfect Christmas gift for only $19.99!

[Via Product Dose]

Fire Extinguisher Simulator

Fire Extinguisher Simulator

Growing up my parents had an “emergency” plan so that we kids knew what to do in case something happened such as a fire. Well this is taking it one step further, with actually simulating a fire so that you can practice how to put it out.

This Fire Extinguisher Training System is safe and easy to use. It uses laser technology to simulate the real chemicals that come out of a fire extinguisher.

Being a girl scout in my early years, this definitely lives up to our motto of “Be Prepared!”

[Via The Raw Feed]

AeroGarden Pro 100 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

AeroGarden Pro 100 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

Whether you live in an apartment without a place you can garden or if you just want fresh veggies and herbs year round, the AeroGarden Pro 100 just might be for you.

The things you plant in the AeroGarden require very little maintenance (the manufacturer says only 5 minutes per month). So this is the perfect setup for small living spaces where you might be out of town fairly often.

Having one of these dandy little gardens will set you back about $170 on (it lists for around $230).

Flying Carpet

Flying Carpet
Why waste time with boring rugs when you can have your own flying carpet?!?!

The Flying Carpet, by Nanimarquina, is a great way to liven up any room or play area for kids!

Each carpet is customized to your liking. You simply order the size rug you want and then order the “wedges” that give the carpet its “flying” look.

The downside? A single large carpet can set you back close to $1,500. Ouch.