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Invisible Shelving

Invisible Shelving

Amaze your friends and family with Invisible Shelving by Sticklebook!

The invisible shelving system uses a series of comb-like hangers to give the appearance that your books are just magically connected to the wall! It seems it really only works well for paperback books but nonetheless is quite useful!

It is available at Shop Until for around $32.

Solarise – Watch the sun rise on your lamp


Lauren Moriarty, lighting designer extraordinaire, will be releasing her Solarise lamp next month at the London Design Festival.

The Solarise lamp has a shade has a thermochromic layer of printed skyline that reacts to heat. So once you turn the lamp on, the shade gradually lets more light through, giving the effect of the sun rising.

I would imagine this could be a great way to wake up each morning. Just plug the lamp in to a timer that turns the lamp on at a certain time each day so you are lovingly awaken by the light instead of that blaring alarm.

[via MoCo Loco]

Ferm Wall Stickers

Ferm Wall Stickers

ferm LIVING has some really cool new products available in the Ferm Shop.

Some of my favorite items are their wall stickers with subject matter ranging from underwater to trees to the 70′s and more!

They also have wallpaper and other small home decor items.

Also be sure to check out blik for other wallpaper stickers.

Heavy Guy Chandelier

Heavy Guy Chandelier This spring3d chandelier is rather simplistic and modern with its exposed bulbs and simple construction.

It’s approximately 2.5 feed across and takes 5 bulbs. It easily attaches to any existing ceiling fixture. This one will cost you $145…not too shabby.

[via bltd]

Chalkboard Vase

Chalkboard Vase

Let your artsy side out with these chalkboard vases from UMA.

The vases are made out of mouth-blown glass and given a color/texture reminiscent of a chalkboard.

All necessary chalk is included. These will set you back $48 per vase.

[via Uncrate]

Get Low: In-floor Bathtub

Emotion Tub

I generally think bathtubs are disgusting. But my feelings aside, this tub is just plain slick. Or rather, the installation of this tub is just plain slick.

Now obviously if you installed this thing in a main room in your home, you’d be weird. Really weird. But in the right setting, this really does just look fantastic.

The tub (just the tub, no installation), will run you $2,200.

[via Freshome]