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Bath Tub Chair

Chair Made from an old bath tub
It’s amazing what some people can do with something that might have been thrown out. Israeli design studio Reddish created a great piece of functional art out of an old bath tub.

I’m not sure how comfortable this would be, but it is so cool! Now if only there were a place for the rubber ducky……

[Via The Style Files]

The ‘Green’ Folding Screen

Straw Screen

Perfect for a loft, or a big room that you would like to divide, this Rye Straw Screen is a great natural look with organic textures.

It’s not only practical, by defining a space for you, but it’s also art. This will set you back a bit, over $5,000, but it is something that very well could be a great conversation piece in your home.

[Via Trendir]

Who needs fire when you’ve got virtual candles?

Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles

The Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles from ThinkGeek are a unique way to have that romantic, candlelit dinner without risking burning down the house.

These candles look almost exactly like real candles (they’re made of wax) and function like a real candle (the LED light flickers like a real flame), but not only do you actually “blow” to turn it off but you do the same to “light” it as well!

This might be more fun than I can handle.

[via CubeMe]

Rolling Shelf

Rolling Shelf Obviously shelving is a good thing to have. The problem comes in when you’ve got that rogue item or three that are just too tall to fit any of the shelving you currently have set up.

That’s where Cat Greene’s ingenious rolling shelf comes in to play.

Using Kevlar to help hold the rolling wood items together, certain sections of shelving can be rolled up or out depending on the items you’d like to store.

Skeleton Dog Lamp

Skeleton Dog Lamp
Well if you’re looking for a way to freak out house guests, show them this sweet little doggy lamp that turns in to a skeleton when you plug it in.

Made from lightweight polypropylene, this little (around 1 foot tall) doggy lamp looks innocent enough right up until you turn on the lightbulb inside it. After which it turns in to a skeleton doggy that’s sure to give any grandma a bit of a scare.

It’s available at Angry Retail for about $90.

[via Josh Spear]

Light Emitting Wallpaper

Light Emitting Wallpaper
Industrial designer Jonas Samson has created some really cool art/technology that basically embeds a light source in wallpaper that creates various designs.

When the wallpaper is turned “off” you aren’t able to see any trace of the light source but when it is “on” it displays a bright work of art.

The possibilities with this stuff are endless and I can’t wait to see where he takes this!

[via Design Scoops]