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Bamboo Pillar Candle

Bamboo Pillar Candle

I love candles that have some texture and this Bamboo Pillar Candle is just amazing from that perspective.

The candle gives off a “Baobab wood scent, which is a deep timbery fragrance with notes of leather, amber, tall grasses and flora.”

The candle is around 6 inches tall and will burn for about 40 hours.

They’re available for $17 from Wrapables.

Aromatherapy Interventions

I’m a sucker for candles, pretty much any style or scent. These cute Aromatherapy Intervention candles are candles with attitude and a purpose.

There are candles for everyone on your Christmas list, from workaholics to hypochondriacs, those that are left-brained or going through their quarter life crisis. You have to check out the site and choose a candle that will fit your needs.


Hand Soap…literally

Hand Soap
I tend to wash my hands a lot, ok so maybe it’s pushing the line of being a bit obsessive, but I like clean hands! These cute little soaps will make anyone want to wash their hands more often.

For $20 you get about 10 little hands of soap. What a great gift for those OCD hand washers in your life (like me!).



I bought the Life.doc a couple of months ago at Target. I was immediately drawn to it because it was on sale, but also because I have a love for organization. It may be morbid but at times I think of the “What ifs” in life and how I would react when emergencies, deaths, etc. come up. This product by Buttoned Up is one of many products that they provide, that help you keep your life organized in different situations.

I am trying to get a more paperless office, so if I would have researched my purchase a bit more, I probably would not have gotten this. There is a disk that comes with the binder that allows you to open the pages in Microsoft Word and type out your information. If you do not have Microsoft Word, then you’re out of luck. Writing things down on paper in a binder seems a bit archaic because this type of information will eventually change. One would need to use a pencil to be able to alter your info in years to come. Not the polished look I was going for.

Nonetheless, this product provides many pages to guide you through the process of writing down critical information that is nice to have all in one location. If you’re a paper kind of person and like things written down instead of on your computer, this is the product for you.

Candy Ottomans

I don’t know whether to sit on this or kick it. It looks like a fun kickball, but it is actually a stylish ottoman made of New Zealand wool!

For $400 it seems a bit pricey, especially since it looks like it would belong in a kid’s room. You can buy it here.

[Via The Style Files]

iRobot Looj

iRobot Looj

Fall is upon us. The leaves here in Colorado are changing and are amazing colors of bright yellow and orange and the air is crisp.

Unfortunately along with the changing colors are also falling leaves…which means gutters are caked full of nature’s debris.

iRobot, makers of all things robotic, have created the iRobot Looj 130 Gutter Cleaning Robot to help you out.

Just drop the Looj in to your gutter, turn it on and let it make it’s way down your gutters for you and throw all that junk overboard.

If you’ve got a lot of gutter to go through, this is probably well worth the $130 it costs.

[via Uncrate]