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Vegetable Twister

Veggie Spaghetti
This takes playing with your food to a whole new level. When I was young, I LOVED my Plah-Doh spaghetti maker, so of course I love this new kitchen gadget.

You can use almost any type of vegetable in the Vegetable Twister. It can turn your boring meal into a piece of art. Mmmm I can just taste some lovely sweet potatoes twirls!

CD Player Shoe

CD Sneaker
If this doesn’t scream 1985, I don’t know what does. Also, if you’re still stuck in the 80′s, this is the perfect shoe for you!

Not sure if it is real, but if they are, they would give these shoes a “run” for their money!

Disco Drink Coaster

Animated Disco Coaster
Instructables user, ebenupton, has posted a detailed run through of how you can build your own little disco drink coaster to wow your friends (or yourself, if you’re bored).

The coaster isn’t available for purchase and does indeed require a bit of electrical work, but just follow the instructions closely and you should be fine.

The coaster hooks up to your computer and will display any video on the coaster, giving a unique lighting experience for each person.

Check out this video of the coaster in action:

[via GeekAlerts]

Fire Extinguisher Simulator

Fire Extinguisher Simulator

Growing up my parents had an “emergency” plan so that we kids knew what to do in case something happened such as a fire. Well this is taking it one step further, with actually simulating a fire so that you can practice how to put it out.

This Fire Extinguisher Training System is safe and easy to use. It uses laser technology to simulate the real chemicals that come out of a fire extinguisher.

Being a girl scout in my early years, this definitely lives up to our motto of “Be Prepared!”

[Via The Raw Feed]

Super Mario Bros Sound Effects Plush

Super Mario Plush
Who can forget those familiar tunes of Super Mario Brothers? Now you don’t have to. These plush toys can keep those fun sound effects fresh in your mind.

The Koopa Trooper shell and the Question block both have a sound module inside of their soft shell. Just be careful to not give this to a child who likes to listen to the noise over and over again. It could easily get annoying!

The Ice Cream Ball

Ice Cream Ball
Although summer has come and gone and the cool weather is starting up, that is no reason to forget about ice cream! This Ice Cream Ball looks like so much fun.

It’s quite simple to use. You just add the ingredients to the ball and shake it for about 20 minutes (that is the ball, not yourself). This is a great item to keep kids busy, pass around during a hike, or just get creative. Enjoy!