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Roll & Store Pin

Roll & Store

Kitchen gadgets can really take over your space if you’re not careful. This Roll & Store Pin at Wrapables is a great solution to hold all of those little extras that are lying around the kitchen.

It comes with cookie cutters that you can store in the pin, but it can also be used for other things. You can put ice cubes in the pin, if you needed to keep something chilled or to prevent dough from sticking to the pin. My only concern about this gadget is that it may be a bit noisy. Regardless, it’s a neat concept!

Toaster Teapot

Toaster Teapot

It’s tea time! What is a perfect pair? Tea and toast of course. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, or would that be have your tea and eat your toast too?

With this fun teapot from The Teapottery, you can brew a pot of tea and simultaneously make a piece of toast.

Be sure to have a jar of lemon curd around to top it off!

[Via Retro to Go]

Da Gennaro Pizza Oven – Cook pizza on your countertop

Da Gennaro Pizza Oven
Pizza is one of my favorite foods…right after avocados.

Over the past few years I’ve really started liking homemade pizza more and more…though I have to say, it doesn’t hurt to have a wife who’s an amazing cook. But regardless, I really have enjoyed making my own pizza lately.

The Da Gennaro Pizza Oven lets you whip up pizzas like you were Papa John himself…right in the comfort of your home. Supposedly it will cook just about anything else that would work in a “wood burning stove”…which I assume to be pretty much anything.

[via Appliancist]

OXO Corn Slitter – Keep that corn out of your teeth

OXO Corn Slitter
Corn is probably one of my favorite vegetables. Unfortunately I’m really not a huge fan of corn on the cob. No matter what you just end up getting corn stuck in your teeth and getting corn juice squirted in your face the whole time you’re trying to eat it.

But the nice thing about corn on the cob is that it’s usually significantly tastier than the stuff you get in a can. So, to get the best of both worlds, check out the OXO Corn Slitter!

Just use the gadget to strip away the corn kernals before you cook them and then you’ll have the tastiness of fresh corn without having to pick it out of your teeth for hours afterwards!

Tempo Digital Trash Can

Tempo Storage

Tempo, currently just a figment of imagination, is a snazzy new way to handle both file storage and the issue of accidentally deleting files.

When you delete a file, it’s automatically transferred to Tempo so you have an ongoing backup of your trashed files. An example of use would be that you accidentally delete a document but do not realize it for a couple of weeks. Good thing you’ve got your Tempo. Just check it for deleted files and chances are it’s there.

No word yet on if this will ever go in to production but it’s certainly a cool idea.

Tempo Storage

Sanitize that huge loaf of meat

CulinaryPrep Food Sanitizer Over the past year or so I’ve become increasingly grossed out by large slabs of meat. Especially at a restaurant when they bring out said slab of meat and the outside is nice and brown but you cut in to it and it’s practically still mooing. Blah.

Well now with the lovely CulinaryPrep food sanitizer you can practically eat the meat raw as it is so kind to help “sanitize” your food.

Supposedly it removes up to 99.5% of all food borne bacteria and germs. The “up to” part is what makes me a tad uncomfortable…meaning it only might remove all the nasties from your meat. Or it might not.

The Culinary Prep will set you back about $400. I don’t plan on putting a slab of meat in a little kitchen gadget to “clean” it any time soon.

[via Crave]