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Gun Egg Fryers

Gun Egg Fryers

Growing up we’d get together every year with a bunch of family friends and have a big breakfast together. Occasionally they’d be “themed” in some way.

If we ever got back together to do one of these breakfasts, I’d definitely suggest we make it western themed so we could use these killer gun egg fryers (pun intended).

If we replaced all the guns on earth with gun-shaped fried eggs, I’m sure it’d be a happier place.

You like to drizzle? Fo’ shizzle?

Drizzler There are kitchen gadgets for just about any task. Thankfully another one has made its way to the market.

The Drizzler was created to help you do just that. Drizzle.

Sometimes deserts require that icing be drizzle on top. Previously you had to go the somewhat awkward and messy route of piling the icing on a spoon and then letting it drip of. No more!

Pick up a Drizzler for a reasonably priced $9!

Eclipse Solar Gear

Eclipse Solar Gear

Solar technology is one of those things that has been around for ages but just seems to have a really hard time catching on.

Sure, lots of people and businesses are starting to get “green” and use them on a large scale, but solar panels in smaller, everyday life just hasn’t made a splash.

Eclipse Solar Gear is out to change that. They’ve got dozens of products with built in solar “modules” that ultimately let you charge your products on the go. No more worrying about your phone dying when you’re out walking to work for the day…just plug it in to your bag and charge it on the way!

Hands-Free BrimLight

This BrimLight is such a great idea. It clips to the underside of your hat and provides hands free light!

Five LED lights provide light for many hours and the battery life is up to 40 hours long. This is just a smart solution to hands free lighting and for $17.95 it definitely seems worth it.

[Via Book of Joe]

Tripos – Chunk your camera

Triops Digital Camera
The digital photography industry has been booming non-stop for the past few years. That’s all well and good, but I feel like things have gotten a bit stale on the innovation side of things.

Industrial designer Franziska Faoro has seemingly felt this way too and has created a really unique new way to photograph life.

The Triops camera is a digital camera that’s built to take pictures via a trigger by sound, movement, or a manual release. Yes, the word “movement” is in there and yes that is a rubber padding on that photo of the product. You can throw this camera down the street, in the woods, underwater, wherever…it’s made to take a beating and capture things you couldn’t duplicate if you tried.

Unfortunately this isn’t in production yet. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it gets there.

[via Yanko Design]

iRobot Looj

iRobot Looj

Fall is upon us. The leaves here in Colorado are changing and are amazing colors of bright yellow and orange and the air is crisp.

Unfortunately along with the changing colors are also falling leaves…which means gutters are caked full of nature’s debris.

iRobot, makers of all things robotic, have created the iRobot Looj 130 Gutter Cleaning Robot to help you out.

Just drop the Looj in to your gutter, turn it on and let it make it’s way down your gutters for you and throw all that junk overboard.

If you’ve got a lot of gutter to go through, this is probably well worth the $130 it costs.

[via Uncrate]