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Pantone Mugs

Pantone Mugs

If you haven’t already finished your Christmas shopping (what? Christmas is only 5 months away…Target already has Christmas stuff up)…then here is a great gift idea for the designer in your office.

This set of 10 Pantone color mugs is a must have for any designer who collects mugs…errr…or just anybody who likes mugs.

[via CubeMe]

Christopher Kuh’s Nutcracker


It seems there is a kitchen gadget for just about everything. Soon we’ll need an extra kitchen for the kitchen just to house all the sweetness gadgets we have.

Well, Christopher Kuh’s Nutcracker certainly fits the bill for an extremely specialized gadget, but luckily it takes up hardly any room and looks super sleek.

The Nutcracker was specifically created and designed to hold a walnut and crack it open at it’s natural slit…making your walnut binges nothing but pure pleasure.

Contact Christopher on his website for more info on obtaining one of these works of kitchen art.

[via Yanko Design]

Hot Diggity Dogger

Hot Diggity Dogger One of the most amazing kitchen gadgets to ever exist, the Hot Diggity Dogger is making waves in the hot dog world.

Some high points:
• Quickly “grill” and toast 2 hot dogs and buns with the same speed as if you were using a regular toaster.
• Grills vertically so grease and fat run right off…making hot dogs undeniably healthy.
• Variable heat control so you can hot diggity your dogs just the way you like.

Buy this. Now.

Espresso Machine…of Doom

Saeco Etienne Louis espresso coffee machine

This thing just looks painful. I’m not sure whether to make espresso with it throw it at my annoying neighbor.

This espresso machine (the Etienne Louis) was created by Swiss designer Carlo Borer. The death-sphere holds the removable water tank and you can brew up to two cups of espresso at the same time.

Be sure to check out the full product gallery.

[via Appliancist]