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The Smiley Bowl

Smiley Bowl
The last thing I need is some bowl or plate that begs me to eat the food on it but here we are and this bowl is looking right at me and literally “smiling”…just begging for me to stick my hand in it.

The Smiley Bowl is a winner of this years Formland Design Award and is crafted out of mouth-blown glass. It is purposely shaped to appear as though it is smiling at you.

It is available in lime, orange, turquoise, red and black (something for every season/occasion) for around $90 per bowl (handmade kitchenware comes at a price). It should be available from Eva Solo this fall.

Gel Pro Mat – Get squishy in the kitchen

Gel Pro Mat

For the past few weeks my wife and I have been using an extremely low-tech “gadget” in our kitchen that we’ve grown to love.

The Gel Pro Mat is a gel-filled leather mat that is perfect for places you stand for longer periods of time such as at the sink washing dishes or at the counter preparing food.

If you’ve got shoes on while using this you won’t feel the benefits that much but step in to the kitchen barefooted or with socks on and you immediately notice how much more comfortable standing on this is.

Another nice things about the Gel Pro Mat is that it’s super easy to clean. We’ve got two pugs who like to splash water and get food all over the mat but a quick whip of the towel easily cleans it off.

I highly recommend this for anyone who spends a decent amount of time in the kitchen.

It comes in two sizes and multiple colors. The 20″ x 36″ mat is $99.95 and the 20″ x 72″ is $199.95. Definitely go check it out.

Sanitize that huge loaf of meat

CulinaryPrep Food Sanitizer Over the past year or so I’ve become increasingly grossed out by large slabs of meat. Especially at a restaurant when they bring out said slab of meat and the outside is nice and brown but you cut in to it and it’s practically still mooing. Blah.

Well now with the lovely CulinaryPrep food sanitizer you can practically eat the meat raw as it is so kind to help “sanitize” your food.

Supposedly it removes up to 99.5% of all food borne bacteria and germs. The “up to” part is what makes me a tad uncomfortable…meaning it only might remove all the nasties from your meat. Or it might not.

The Culinary Prep will set you back about $400. I don’t plan on putting a slab of meat in a little kitchen gadget to “clean” it any time soon.

[via Crave]

Hot liquid indicator lets you know when to sip lightly

Smart Lid System People get pretty trigger-happy when it comes to suing companies for their own clumsiness and spilling hot beverages on their laps. Now Smart Lid Systems has created a nifty little “gadget” of sorts that make it obvious when the drink is hot.

Just pour in the hot beverage (coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, etc), snap on the lid, and immediately see the color change from a dull brown to a bright red color.

The rim of the lid even stays brown to work as an indicator of if you have the lid fully attached. Genius!

The lid has multiple patents and has won a few different food related awards for their product.

Hopefully in the next couple of years we’ll see this technology becoming more common!

[via Crave]

FourFour PizzaGrills – The perfect dorm or apartment grill

FourFour PizzaGrills

The FourFour PizzaGrills by Stockli is the perfect kitchen gadget for smaller spaces like a college dorm or an apartment.

The FourFour PizzaGrills is capable of cooking for up to 8 people all at once by making use of stacked grills letting you cook multiple things at the same time!

It even includes 4 mini-pizza holders so you can cook single serving pizza for 4!

Available in the Stockli store.

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Bakers Edge – Brownies for edge lovers

Bakers Edge Brownie Pan

Lovers of goodies like brownies can usually be divided into two camps…those who love the center and those who love the edges.

I personally am a center lover. Suer there are usually only one or two squares that are nothing but pure goodness in the middle, but for me they are the best.

I’m well aware that there are people who prefer the chewy edges (or crispy in some cases) and the folks at Bakers Edge have made a pan that caters to just those people.

The Bakers Edge Brownie Pan is an ingenious creation that makes sure every brownie has at least 2 sides of edgy goodness. It’s definitely one of those things where you punch your self in the face saying “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”

Rumor has it that they have other similar products in the works for other foods such as lasagna.

A single pan will set you back $34.