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Egg Pants

Egg Pants

Who knew that hard boiled eggs needed clothing? These cute little Egg Pants are a great accessory to hold any sized egg. I don’t really know who needs eggs sitting around, but none the less you can’t argue that these are super cute!

Tile Tattoos

Tile Tattoos
I have never seen anything like this, but what a great way to spice up your kitchen?!? This would be ideal for anyone who has white tile that they can’t change out, whether its due to financial strains or apartment regulations.

There are 6 different designs to choose from. They aren’t available until January 2008, so get in line to snatch these up!

Vintage Record Snack Tray

Snack Tray

I love this hip snack tray made out of a vintage vinyl record. It is great for chips, candy or any other kind of party goodies. You can purchase it at Elsewares for just $26. While you’re at it, pick up these great Vinyl Record coasters to match the snack tray!

You can even choose the genre of music record that you want. This would be a great gift for the music junkie in your life!

The Butter Wizard

The Butter Wizard
For a fancy dinner party, or just a family meal, you can have butter that stays the perfect temperature.

The Butter Wizard can either heat or cool your butter, based on what you would prefer. It sits on a charging station and plugs into a power station. It will run you around $60, but you can choose your own color to match your decor!

[Via PC Magazine]

Onion Action Goggles

Onion Goggles

I have tried just about everything: lighting a candle, holding a matchstick in my mouth and placing a piece of onion on my head and nothing has worked for me yet! I am one of those that looks like her boyfriend just broke up with her, when I’m cutting an onion. The tears just pour!

I found this really cute new site that carries Onion Action Goggles. They are goggles that provide a seal around your eyes, so that the onion fumes don’t get to you. Very clever, but would it be stylish? Of course you would probably wouldn’t be wearing these in public unless you’re a chef in a restaurant.

You can get them in white, black or pink. I think they would be definitely worth giving a try. My husband would thank me, since I usually hand off the onion cutting to him.

Vegetable Twister

Veggie Spaghetti
This takes playing with your food to a whole new level. When I was young, I LOVED my Plah-Doh spaghetti maker, so of course I love this new kitchen gadget.

You can use almost any type of vegetable in the Vegetable Twister. It can turn your boring meal into a piece of art. Mmmm I can just taste some lovely sweet potatoes twirls!