Diamond Dust Earrings

Diamond Dust Earrings

Need some extra BLING for the holidays? These unique earrings may be just what you are looking for….

Particles of industrial diamonds are shown off in these quartz crystal earring drops. I’m not a big fan, because it just looks like gold glitter. But if you do like this concept, check out the matching necklace.

Mobiles by Julie Frith

Simple, yet a piece of art, these Mobiles by Julie Frith are quite eye-catching. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a range of prices.

Where exactly would you hang these pieces of art? Anywhere you want to add an extra bit of jazz; hallways, above dining tables, baby rooms, table art, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Taz Ah – Animal Mug

Taz Ah

I tend to be pretty laid back and not into always being “prim and proper,” so this really cool mug just cracks me up!

It appears to be a very elegant bone china mug, but when you lift it up, Surprise! These mugs come in a variety of animal snouts; dog, monkey, pig, rabbit, and tiger. For only $23, this is a must have if you want to play a fun trick on someone.

Mat Walk


Do you ever have a problem of having cold toesies when you get out of the shower? This bathmat can solve that problem. Slippers are built in to provide that extra warm fuzzie you need instead of the cold bathroom floor.

Be careful to not fall down while you are maneuvering with your feet in the slippers!

Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair
Brilliant! This Rocking Chair has a clean design that seems to have a Swedish flair to it.

For $550 it seems as if you’re really paying for art and not necessarily a comfy rocking chair. Regardless, this is a fun design.

Hand Soap…literally

Hand Soap
I tend to wash my hands a lot, ok so maybe it’s pushing the line of being a bit obsessive, but I like clean hands! These cute little soaps will make anyone want to wash their hands more often.

For $20 you get about 10 little hands of soap. What a great gift for those OCD hand washers in your life (like me!).