Candy Ottomans

I don’t know whether to sit on this or kick it. It looks like a fun kickball, but it is actually a stylish ottoman made of New Zealand wool!

For $400 it seems a bit pricey, especially since it looks like it would belong in a kid’s room. You can buy it here.

[Via The Style Files]

The Butter Wizard

The Butter Wizard
For a fancy dinner party, or just a family meal, you can have butter that stays the perfect temperature.

The Butter Wizard can either heat or cool your butter, based on what you would prefer. It sits on a charging station and plugs into a power station. It will run you around $60, but you can choose your own color to match your decor!

[Via PC Magazine]


Dough nu Matic

Wow oh wow this makes my mouth water! I love doughnuts, who doesn’t love doughnuts? I have heard of people making their own doughnuts, but I haven’t ever tried it.

This handy little Dough-nu-Matic makes it easy to cook your own doughnuts at home. All you have to do is add the dough and you can have a dozen doughnuts in under 6 minutes!

Recycle Ball and Bone

Recycle Dog Toys
For those of you out there that are trying to be good stewards and recycle, this is for you! This ball and bone are made from old dog chew toys that have been recycled into a super strong new toy.

For just $12 each, you can buy these toys here.

[Via Better Living Through Design]

Metaphys Indoor Grass Planters

Grass Planters
Need more art in your home? If you have a green thumb, this is the thing for you. This Metaphys Indoor Grass Planter is a sweet combination of art and organic.

You can hang, stack or set these anywhere in your home or outside. I personally would want to throw in some colorful flowers, or you could keep the bright green pop of grass.

Made by Metaphys.
[Via Freshome]

“Leave No Trace” Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags

I always forget to bring my own shopping bags to the grocery store. The double whammy is that I typically forget to ask for paper instead of plastic!

This cute set of 5 shopping bags could solve my problem. From the great store, Violet, these “Leave No Trace” shopping bags are quite stylish and will roll up to conveniently fit in your purse. Each bag holds the equivalent of what two shopping bags could typically hold. That’s like having 10 bags!