Draw Your Own Bag


Everyone likes to doodle when they are bored. This Draw Your Own Bag is perfect for that! The design is of lined school notebook paper. If you want, you can imagine that you are back in college in a boring English class and I am sure that will inspire you to doodle!

Manly Ruler Cuff

Ruler Cuff

This “Manly” Ruler Cuff reminds me of slap bracelets of yesteryear.

The stainless steel ruler design is actually to scale. It has inches on the outside and metric on the inside. I think its odd…. but interesting.

Egg Pants

Egg Pants

Who knew that hard boiled eggs needed clothing? These cute little Egg Pants are a great accessory to hold any sized egg. I don’t really know who needs eggs sitting around, but none the less you can’t argue that these are super cute!

Amy Burhoe Designs


I’m in love with these designs by Amy Burhoe! She has everything from rings and earrings to pins and night lights.

I’m usually not a big jewelry type of person (I even told someone at the mall the other day that I’m scared of big jewelry!) but there is something that really attracts me to these lovely pieces of fused glass made by Amy herself.

These would make a great Christmas gift and she is even offering free shipping through Christmas. Hmmm I hope my husband is reading this…..

Colorful Chickens


Looking for a unique Christmas gift? These Colorful Chickens are made out of recycled paper, and were crafted in South Africa. No two chickens are the same.

For only $8.00 these would make a lovely table decoration for your holiday guests.

Periodic Table of Sentiments Notecards


I’m not really into science, but I love fun note cards. These cute cards are definitely different and original! You have the choice of either buying just one card, or the entire set of 6.