Gold and Platinum Knives for the Rich and…Dumb

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Unreal. I guess some people will buy anything.

Victorinox Swiss Army has produced 2 different diamond encrusted knives for the uber-rich to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Victorinox.

Each knife is covered in 430 flawless diamonds to make a total of 4 carats. Each tool (except for the tweezers) have diamond engravings on to create a “beautiful” piece of work.

The gold knife is available for the low price of $50,000 while the platinum is significantly overpriced at $70,000.

These collectibles (atleast I assume they are “collectibles”…you don’t stab stuff with a $70,000 knife) each are limited to 120 pieces per style and are available here.

Get Lazy – Have a gadget hold your book for you

Levo Book Holder Everyone loves a good gadget, and this is certainly one which is perfect for book lovers. If you’ve spent your day typing away at your computer, or even just clicking your way through games at sites like, then the last thing you want to have to do is hold your own book, right? The Levo Book Holder offers the perfect solution.

Simply sit back and let this handy gadget do all the hard book-holding work for you. You won’t even have far to go very far when you want to change books, as you can quickly grab a new novel from the convenient storage space. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

The Levo Book Holder can be purchased in the SkyMall Online store or on your next flight.

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Doggie and Kitty Staple Free Staplers

Doggie and Kitty Staple Free Staplers

Whether you are 5 or 50, these staple-free-staplers are just snazzy. Sure they’re a bit on the “kiddy” side, but until they come out with something super manly you’ll just have to make do with a pastel purple plastic dog on your desk. UPDATE: James kindly pointed out that there is indeed a manly version available.

These little “staplers” actually don’t use a single staple at all to hold your papers together. They cut a small flap and notch in your paper which keeps them together without you having to worry about accidently getting tiny piece of metal jabbed into your finger. No, that’s never happened to me.

ThinkGeek has these little gadgets in their store for only $7.99 a pop.

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Fiat Lux – Let There Be Light

Fiat Lux Lamp

I’m a big fan of practical design. When things serve more than one purpose it really gives me warm fuzzies inside.

Okay…enough about my warm fuzzies.

The Fiat Lux (“let there be light”) lamp by Swedish designers Cate Högdahl and Nelson Ruiz-Acal not only makes the perfect bedside lamp but it conveniently holds whatever magazine and/or book you might be reading at the time.

We’ll assume your precious reading materials are protected from bursting in to flames from the heat from the light bulb.

[via MoCo Loco]

LED Tubes Clock – Modern-Vintage at its finest

Tubes Clock

Well it seems we’ve got another LED clock here.

The Tubes Clock by B&W is a fantastic work of art that smells of good old fashioned vintage while making use of modern day technology.

The base of the clock is made of wood and stainless steel while the number “tubes” are made of replica glass tubes really make the piece a smooth work of art.

[via technabob]

FourFour PizzaGrills – The perfect dorm or apartment grill

FourFour PizzaGrills

The FourFour PizzaGrills by Stockli is the perfect kitchen gadget for smaller spaces like a college dorm or an apartment.

The FourFour PizzaGrills is capable of cooking for up to 8 people all at once by making use of stacked grills letting you cook multiple things at the same time!

It even includes 4 mini-pizza holders so you can cook single serving pizza for 4!

Available in the Stockli store.

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