Tempo Digital Trash Can

Tempo Storage

Tempo, currently just a figment of imagination, is a snazzy new way to handle both file storage and the issue of accidentally deleting files.

When you delete a file, it’s automatically transferred to Tempo so you have an ongoing backup of your trashed files. An example of use would be that you accidentally delete a document but do not realize it for a couple of weeks. Good thing you’ve got your Tempo. Just check it for deleted files and chances are it’s there.

No word yet on if this will ever go in to production but it’s certainly a cool idea.

Tempo Storage

Skeleton Dog Lamp

Skeleton Dog Lamp
Well if you’re looking for a way to freak out house guests, show them this sweet little doggy lamp that turns in to a skeleton when you plug it in.

Made from lightweight polypropylene, this little (around 1 foot tall) doggy lamp looks innocent enough right up until you turn on the lightbulb inside it. After which it turns in to a skeleton doggy that’s sure to give any grandma a bit of a scare.

It’s available at Angry Retail for about $90.

[via Josh Spear]

Amazing wooden toys

Wooden Toy

Unfortunately my Japanese is a bit rough (read: I don’t know a lick of Japanese), but what I do know is that these wooden toys from take-g are amazing. I’ve really never seen such fun and playful woodwork executed so amazingly well.

If anyone has any information on where these could be purchased, please let me know.

Wooden Toy

Wooden Toy

The Smiley Bowl

Smiley Bowl
The last thing I need is some bowl or plate that begs me to eat the food on it but here we are and this bowl is looking right at me and literally “smiling”…just begging for me to stick my hand in it.

The Smiley Bowl is a winner of this years Formland Design Award and is crafted out of mouth-blown glass. It is purposely shaped to appear as though it is smiling at you.

It is available in lime, orange, turquoise, red and black (something for every season/occasion) for around $90 per bowl (handmade kitchenware comes at a price). It should be available from Eva Solo this fall.

Gel Pro Mat – Get squishy in the kitchen

Gel Pro Mat

For the past few weeks my wife and I have been using an extremely low-tech “gadget” in our kitchen that we’ve grown to love.

The Gel Pro Mat is a gel-filled leather mat that is perfect for places you stand for longer periods of time such as at the sink washing dishes or at the counter preparing food.

If you’ve got shoes on while using this you won’t feel the benefits that much but step in to the kitchen barefooted or with socks on and you immediately notice how much more comfortable standing on this is.

Another nice things about the Gel Pro Mat is that it’s super easy to clean. We’ve got two pugs who like to splash water and get food all over the mat but a quick whip of the towel easily cleans it off.

I highly recommend this for anyone who spends a decent amount of time in the kitchen.

It comes in two sizes and multiple colors. The 20″ x 36″ mat is $99.95 and the 20″ x 72″ is $199.95. Definitely go check it out.

Light Emitting Wallpaper

Light Emitting Wallpaper
Industrial designer Jonas Samson has created some really cool art/technology that basically embeds a light source in wallpaper that creates various designs.

When the wallpaper is turned “off” you aren’t able to see any trace of the light source but when it is “on” it displays a bright work of art.

The possibilities with this stuff are endless and I can’t wait to see where he takes this!

[via Design Scoops]