Honeycomb Lamp

Honeycomb Table Lamp

Give your room a soft glow with this Honeycomb Lamp!

The “honeycomb” is made of silk worm cocoon…which I can’t decide if that sounds high-class or just gross. Regardless of the material, it’s a pretty slick looking piece of lighting.

It’s approximately 8 inches in diameter is available for around $45 from Wrapables.com.

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Rule Bender

Bend Ruler
Rulers are one of those fundamental “tools” that you learn how to use when you’re like 3 years old. But regardless of your age or how long you’ve been using rulers, unless you’re being intentional about it, it can be pretty easy for the ruler to slip while you’re doing something like drawing a straight line against it.

The ArchRuler, by Tomoya Yoshida, is the perfect solution!

The curve in the ruler actually forces you to press down firmly, which inherently makes you put down enough pressure to keep the ruler from sliding. Subtle but genius!

[via Yanko Design]

Rick Bayless Avocado Scooper

Rick Bayless Avocado Scooper
So I guess now would be a great time to go ahead and admit that I have an addiction. I’m completely, unapologetically addicted to avocados. Seriously.

I generally eat atleast 2 sandwiches a week that include avocados in some form or fashion. I love guacamole. I love just about anything that includes even a hint of avocado. In the words of my friend Ricardo, “avocados are nature’s candy.”

As good as avocados are, they can be a bit tricky to get out of their peel. And getting a full half of an avocado out without butchering it is also a bit of a feat.

Enter the Rick Bayless Avocado Scooper. It has the perfect curvature and sizing to scoop any avocado out and give yourself the perfect half.

At $14.95 it’s actually one of the more affordable random kitchen gadgets out there.

Who needs fire when you’ve got virtual candles?

Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles

The Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles from ThinkGeek are a unique way to have that romantic, candlelit dinner without risking burning down the house.

These candles look almost exactly like real candles (they’re made of wax) and function like a real candle (the LED light flickers like a real flame), but not only do you actually “blow” to turn it off but you do the same to “light” it as well!

This might be more fun than I can handle.

[via CubeMe]

Bibliochase Book Chair

Bibliochase Chair
If you’re book worm the Bibliochase book-chair is a must.

This chair will hold literally hundreds of books of all sizes while keeping every one of them right at your fingertips.

It’s a great storage piece as well as just a jazzy piece of furniture. Right now it seems it is only available in Italy and France but hopefully will make its way over to the US sometime soon.

Rolling Shelf

Rolling Shelf Obviously shelving is a good thing to have. The problem comes in when you’ve got that rogue item or three that are just too tall to fit any of the shelving you currently have set up.

That’s where Cat Greene’s ingenious rolling shelf comes in to play.

Using Kevlar to help hold the rolling wood items together, certain sections of shelving can be rolled up or out depending on the items you’d like to store.