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Solarise – Watch the sun rise on your lamp


Lauren Moriarty, lighting designer extraordinaire, will be releasing her Solarise lamp next month at the London Design Festival.

The Solarise lamp has a shade has a thermochromic layer of printed skyline that reacts to heat. So once you turn the lamp on, the shade gradually lets more light through, giving the effect of the sun rising.

I would imagine this could be a great way to wake up each morning. Just plug the lamp in to a timer that turns the lamp on at a certain time each day so you are lovingly awaken by the light instead of that blaring alarm.

[via MoCo Loco]

Electric Flower – The Growing Bulb


Felix de Pass has skipped the traditional idea of having a lamp hold the lightbulb and just gone straight to connecting the light to the outlet (via a moldable power cable) with his PlugLight fixture.

What’s even cooler here is that the light filament in the bulb is a flower. So what you end up with is a little electric flower growing out of your wall.

How sweet.

[via Yanko Design]

Sofie Refer’s Mega Bulb

Sofie Refer’s Mega Bulb This could be one of the sleekest looking light fixtures I’ve every seen. The entire design of it is such a basic idea that it’s amazing no one has thought of it before.

Basically it’s a bulb within a bulb with the outer “casing” consisting of a simple layer of glass that surrounds your clear glass light bulb. The final product is crisp light in an artistic form.

Unfortunately you need to be able to read German and have $170 if you’d like to purchase this.

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Rainbow Moments Candles

Rainbow Moments Candles Who needs boring yellowish/orange flames when you can have bright red, green, white, blue, or purple?

Rainbow Moments Candles have the perfect solution for your need to be unique.

They have an entire line of dinner candles, party candles, tea lights, and more that all burn unique colors and drip fun colored wax (if you so chose).

So how exactly do they pull of the magic of multi-colored flames? According to Rainbow Moments, it’s a mixture of natural salts and non-toxic chemicals that create beautiful colors when set ablaze!

Contact Rainbow Moments for more info on where to buy and how much they cost!

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Lumin LED Lamps

Lumin LED Lamp

Sometimes you just want simple accent lighting in places that aren’t necessarily “outlet” accessible. Places like a bathroom, closet, or even outdoors.

The Home Temptations Lumin LED Lamp is the perfect solution for those things.

Available in 4 snazzy colors (Crystal White, Rouge Red, Ocean Blue and Violet), the Lumin LED lamp is made up of a single LED light housed under a piece of colored acrylic that creates smooth mood lighting and casts light in hard to reach places.

One set of 3 C batters will last over 1500 hours. Nice!

Each lamp will set you back around $75 and are available here.

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Titanic Lamp by Charles Trevelyan

Titanic Lamp

The Titanic Lamp by FLUKE is really more a work of art than an extremely functional lamp.

A “slice” was made an a vertical angle down the lamp so that it has the appearance of sinking into its surface.

So why might I consider this more “form” than “function”? Well, I guess that depends on if you’d like to drop $630 on a lamp.

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