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Skeleton Dog Lamp

Skeleton Dog Lamp
Well if you’re looking for a way to freak out house guests, show them this sweet little doggy lamp that turns in to a skeleton when you plug it in.

Made from lightweight polypropylene, this little (around 1 foot tall) doggy lamp looks innocent enough right up until you turn on the lightbulb inside it. After which it turns in to a skeleton doggy that’s sure to give any grandma a bit of a scare.

It’s available at Angry Retail for about $90.

[via Josh Spear]

Light Emitting Wallpaper

Light Emitting Wallpaper
Industrial designer Jonas Samson has created some really cool art/technology that basically embeds a light source in wallpaper that creates various designs.

When the wallpaper is turned “off” you aren’t able to see any trace of the light source but when it is “on” it displays a bright work of art.

The possibilities with this stuff are endless and I can’t wait to see where he takes this!

[via Design Scoops]

Gus Lightstick

Gus Lightstick The Gus Lightstick is over 6 feet of shiny metal with one single light bulb that creates a unique mood not achievable by any other lamp.

It has no set base so it can easily be placed in any orientation you’d like, letting you do pretty much anything you can imagine.

It’s currently available at Rose and Radish for a little over $200 (which is 60% off the retail price).

Elliott Johnson Log Lamp

FLUKE Log Lamp
Elliot Johnson has designing a quirky little lamp that is molded from an actual piece of wood.

The Log Lamp stands at around 15″ tall and is formed out of light plastic. With the flip of a switch you get a soft glow of light from the lamp.

This piece of art will cost you $415 and is available from FLUKE.

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Fiat Lux – Let There Be Light

Fiat Lux Lamp

I’m a big fan of practical design. When things serve more than one purpose it really gives me warm fuzzies inside.

Okay…enough about my warm fuzzies.

The Fiat Lux (“let there be light”) lamp by Swedish designers Cate Högdahl and Nelson Ruiz-Acal not only makes the perfect bedside lamp but it conveniently holds whatever magazine and/or book you might be reading at the time.

We’ll assume your precious reading materials are protected from bursting in to flames from the heat from the light bulb.

[via MoCo Loco]

Legna Pod Votive Set

Legna Pod Quad Votive set

jefdesigns has created a fun votive set called Legna Pod. The set is created out of frosted acrylic and actual wooden panels that give a sleek and modern look that will fit just about anywhere.

Each pod is made once your order is placed and each pod will vary a bit from the product photos…giving you a truly unique product.

You have a choice of 4 different woods: Bamboo, Rosewood, Teak, and Zebrawood.

Each set costs $50 and is available here

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