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Titanic Lamp by Charles Trevelyan

Titanic Lamp

The Titanic Lamp by FLUKE is really more a work of art than an extremely functional lamp.

A “slice” was made an a vertical angle down the lamp so that it has the appearance of sinking into its surface.

So why might I consider this more “form” than “function”? Well, I guess that depends on if you’d like to drop $630 on a lamp.

[via bltd]

Jen Stark Construction Paper Sculpting

Jen Stark

Admit it. You love construction paper. What’s not to love about construction paper? You can draw on it, cut it, and build just about anything.

Well now it is officially a material for making absolutely stunning sculptures.

Artist Jen Stark has created some stunning sculptures using nothing but construction paper. My words really can’t begin to do this stuff justice.

Go check out the full sculpture gallery. Amazing.

Readymech Paper Toys

Readymech Paper Toys You like toys? You like art? You like crafts? Well first off, if you don’t you should. Second, you should checkout the paper toys from Readymech!

These are dozens of different characters for you to print out (they fit on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper) and fold and put all over the place to brighten someone’s day!

The only requirements for these toys are doubled-sided tape, thick matte paper (if you want them to last longer than a day), and about 10-15 minutes of your time for each toy!