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Mobiles by Julie Frith

Simple, yet a piece of art, these Mobiles by Julie Frith are quite eye-catching. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a range of prices.

Where exactly would you hang these pieces of art? Anywhere you want to add an extra bit of jazz; hallways, above dining tables, baby rooms, table art, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Hand Soap…literally

Hand Soap
I tend to wash my hands a lot, ok so maybe it’s pushing the line of being a bit obsessive, but I like clean hands! These cute little soaps will make anyone want to wash their hands more often.

For $20 you get about 10 little hands of soap. What a great gift for those OCD hand washers in your life (like me!).

Breeze Blocks

Breeze Blocks

Do you have nosy neighbors? Or maybe a beautiful view of the brick building two feet away? These Breeze Blocks are a hip way to disguise the not-so-stylish view you might have from your window. These blocks are adhesive and fifteen come in a pack.

Instead of on a window, could this be cool decor for a mirror or maybe a shower glass door? The possibilities are endless.

[Via Better Living Through Design]

Balloon Lamp

Balloon Lamp
Kyouei Designs is brilliant. This Balloon Lamp packet comes with a balloon, two lithium coin batteries and a clear LED bulb that can last up to 100 hours.

At $30 bucks a pop, it would be a bit expensive to get the clustered look. By itself, not so impressive, but pretty cool with multiple balloons.

[Via Designboom]

The Paperclip Lamp

The Paperclip Lamp
Very sleek and simple, but I like it! This Paperclip Lamp is shaped like a rather large paperclip and has a series of lights on the underneath.

Maybe not the most practical thing, but hey, its art!

Candy Ottomans

I don’t know whether to sit on this or kick it. It looks like a fun kickball, but it is actually a stylish ottoman made of New Zealand wool!

For $400 it seems a bit pricey, especially since it looks like it would belong in a kid’s room. You can buy it here.

[Via The Style Files]