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YOU_U Enlighted Flower

Keen on multitasking? Well so is this candleholder/vase designed by LUCY.D.

This simple design consists of a curved, powder coated metal tube that can hold a single stem flower on one side and a candlestick on the other.

[Via The Style Files]

Paint-by-Numbers Wall Strips

I have never really been that great of an artist, but I always loved Paint-by-Numbers because it made me look like I knew what I was doing! These great Paint-by-Numbers Wall Strips can bring the kid out in you as you decorate your home.

There are three styles that you can choose from, mostly water/sunshine scenes. You can use anything from crayons to paint pens to color in the designs. Coloring on the wall is no longer something you will get in trouble for!

Amy Burhoe Designs


I’m in love with these designs by Amy Burhoe! She has everything from rings and earrings to pins and night lights.

I’m usually not a big jewelry type of person (I even told someone at the mall the other day that I’m scared of big jewelry!) but there is something that really attracts me to these lovely pieces of fused glass made by Amy herself.

These would make a great Christmas gift and she is even offering free shipping through Christmas. Hmmm I hope my husband is reading this…..

Colorful Chickens


Looking for a unique Christmas gift? These Colorful Chickens are made out of recycled paper, and were crafted in South Africa. No two chickens are the same.

For only $8.00 these would make a lovely table decoration for your holiday guests.

Tile Tattoos

Tile Tattoos
I have never seen anything like this, but what a great way to spice up your kitchen?!? This would be ideal for anyone who has white tile that they can’t change out, whether its due to financial strains or apartment regulations.

There are 6 different designs to choose from. They aren’t available until January 2008, so get in line to snatch these up!

State of the Art


I’ve only had a couple of license plates in my short life, but for some reason I have kept them all. They are neatly packed away in a box of junk. My love for license plates may be why I think this State of the Art Reclaimed License Plate Map is absolutely amazing.

A bit pricey, but this obviously is a time intensive piece of art. Each state is made out of it’s respective state’s license plate. It reminds me of a Where’s Waldo picture, there is just so much to look at in this map! I love it!