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Glow Stick Straws

Glow Stick Straws

Want to be the coolest person at your next party? Try these new Glow Stick Straws. The straw is crimped at each end, to hold in a glow stick. When you drink, the glow stick moves up and down.

For $8 for 6 assorted colors, this is just too fun to pass up.

[Via Coolest Gadgets]

Bath Tub Chair

Chair Made from an old bath tub
It’s amazing what some people can do with something that might have been thrown out. Israeli design studio Reddish created a great piece of functional art out of an old bath tub.

I’m not sure how comfortable this would be, but it is so cool! Now if only there were a place for the rubber ducky……

[Via The Style Files]

The ‘Green’ Folding Screen

Straw Screen

Perfect for a loft, or a big room that you would like to divide, this Rye Straw Screen is a great natural look with organic textures.

It’s not only practical, by defining a space for you, but it’s also art. This will set you back a bit, over $5,000, but it is something that very well could be a great conversation piece in your home.

[Via Trendir]

Amazing wooden toys

Wooden Toy

Unfortunately my Japanese is a bit rough (read: I don’t know a lick of Japanese), but what I do know is that these wooden toys from take-g are amazing. I’ve really never seen such fun and playful woodwork executed so amazingly well.

If anyone has any information on where these could be purchased, please let me know.

Wooden Toy

Wooden Toy

Justine Ashbee – Sharpie Artist Extraordinaire

Justine Ashbee
There are so many different mediums with which art can be created. Everything from pen to pencil to paint to clay and thousands of other things.

Justine Ashbee has chosen the Sharpie as her main tool.

She creates massive complex pieces of art using only Sharpies. Many times she only uses black and she never uses more than a simple canvas and her markers. Everything is freehanded without rulers or guidelines.

Her pieces have a mysterious lifelike quality that almost make them seem like they are in motion.

[via Josh Spear]

Ferm Wall Stickers

Ferm Wall Stickers

ferm LIVING has some really cool new products available in the Ferm Shop.

Some of my favorite items are their wall stickers with subject matter ranging from underwater to trees to the 70′s and more!

They also have wallpaper and other small home decor items.

Also be sure to check out blik for other wallpaper stickers.