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Gus Lightstick

Gus Lightstick The Gus Lightstick is over 6 feet of shiny metal with one single light bulb that creates a unique mood not achievable by any other lamp.

It has no set base so it can easily be placed in any orientation you’d like, letting you do pretty much anything you can imagine.

It’s currently available at Rose and Radish for a little over $200 (which is 60% off the retail price).

Invisible Shelving

Invisible Shelving

Amaze your friends and family with Invisible Shelving by Sticklebook!

The invisible shelving system uses a series of comb-like hangers to give the appearance that your books are just magically connected to the wall! It seems it really only works well for paperback books but nonetheless is quite useful!

It is available at Shop Until for around $32.

Overboard Dry Tube Bag

Overboard Dry Tube Bag Whether you’re at the beach, the pool, the gym, or anywhere else that might have water around…the Overboard Dry Tube Bag is here to the rescue!

It is constructed from 420D nylon-coated tarpauline and sealed tight via a patented Fold Seal System…meaning your junk isn’t getting wet…period.

It has a capacity of about 20L (or the size of a regular duffle bag or backpack) so it’s not too big but not so small that you can’t fit anything in at.

It’s available from Firebox. at a reasonably priced $39.95.

[via Uncrate]

Apple Jacket – Keep your apples safe

Apple Jacket
Apples make great snacks. When you’re on the go they can be an easy snack to carry around in your backpack (or purse, for the ladies). Unfortunately they are fairly prone to getting easily beat up/dented/punctured/bruised/etc.

Thank goodness Jacqueline Knits has come to save the day. Their Apple Jacket product is a hand-knitted “jacket” that wraps around any apple and keeps it nice and cozy right up until you’re ready to take a bite.

These are available from Rose and Radish for $14.50.

Elliott Johnson Log Lamp

FLUKE Log Lamp
Elliot Johnson has designing a quirky little lamp that is molded from an actual piece of wood.

The Log Lamp stands at around 15″ tall and is formed out of light plastic. With the flip of a switch you get a soft glow of light from the lamp.

This piece of art will cost you $415 and is available from FLUKE.

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Bike Vending Machine

Bike Dispenser
You can vend just about anything. From candy to coke to iPods to movies to cellphones and even groceries…you seriously can get just about anything in a vending machine.

Now you can add another thing to the list of vendable goods. Bicycles. Yes. Bicycles.

A Dutch company has been testing out the idea of renting out bikes via bike vending machines.

Bike Dispenser
You’d simply rent a bike to take you from one place to another and then drop off your bike at your destination’s bike dispenser.

It really is a great idea (and certainly hasn’t been done in this fashion before). The company actually won a 2007 Spark Design & Architecture Awards for their ingenious idea.

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