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Electric Flower – The Growing Bulb


Felix de Pass has skipped the traditional idea of having a lamp hold the lightbulb and just gone straight to connecting the light to the outlet (via a moldable power cable) with his PlugLight fixture.

What’s even cooler here is that the light filament in the bulb is a flower. So what you end up with is a little electric flower growing out of your wall.

How sweet.

[via Yanko Design]

Rainbow Moments Candles

Rainbow Moments Candles Who needs boring yellowish/orange flames when you can have bright red, green, white, blue, or purple?

Rainbow Moments Candles have the perfect solution for your need to be unique.

They have an entire line of dinner candles, party candles, tea lights, and more that all burn unique colors and drip fun colored wax (if you so chose).

So how exactly do they pull of the magic of multi-colored flames? According to Rainbow Moments, it’s a mixture of natural salts and non-toxic chemicals that create beautiful colors when set ablaze!

Contact Rainbow Moments for more info on where to buy and how much they cost!

[via Cool Hunting]

Titanic Lamp by Charles Trevelyan

Titanic Lamp

The Titanic Lamp by FLUKE is really more a work of art than an extremely functional lamp.

A “slice” was made an a vertical angle down the lamp so that it has the appearance of sinking into its surface.

So why might I consider this more “form” than “function”? Well, I guess that depends on if you’d like to drop $630 on a lamp.

[via bltd]

Chalkboard Vase

Chalkboard Vase

Let your artsy side out with these chalkboard vases from UMA.

The vases are made out of mouth-blown glass and given a color/texture reminiscent of a chalkboard.

All necessary chalk is included. These will set you back $48 per vase.

[via Uncrate]