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Colorful Chickens


Looking for a unique Christmas gift? These Colorful Chickens are made out of recycled paper, and were crafted in South Africa. No two chickens are the same.

For only $8.00 these would make a lovely table decoration for your holiday guests.

Stainless Steel Puzzle Coasters

Stainless steel puzzle coasters are so much better than the bland round cork coasters. These scream, “Not only am I practical, but I’m fun!”

Since they are stainless steel, they are easy to clean with a damp cloth. It would be a perfect Christmas gift for only $19.99!

[Via Product Dose]

Flying Carpet

Flying Carpet
Why waste time with boring rugs when you can have your own flying carpet?!?!

The Flying Carpet, by Nanimarquina, is a great way to liven up any room or play area for kids!

Each carpet is customized to your liking. You simply order the size rug you want and then order the “wedges” that give the carpet its “flying” look.

The downside? A single large carpet can set you back close to $1,500. Ouch.

Bath Tub Chair

Chair Made from an old bath tub
It’s amazing what some people can do with something that might have been thrown out. Israeli design studio Reddish created a great piece of functional art out of an old bath tub.

I’m not sure how comfortable this would be, but it is so cool! Now if only there were a place for the rubber ducky……

[Via The Style Files]

Legna Pod Votive Set

Legna Pod Quad Votive set

jefdesigns has created a fun votive set called Legna Pod. The set is created out of frosted acrylic and actual wooden panels that give a sleek and modern look that will fit just about anywhere.

Each pod is made once your order is placed and each pod will vary a bit from the product photos…giving you a truly unique product.

You have a choice of 4 different woods: Bamboo, Rosewood, Teak, and Zebrawood.

Each set costs $50 and is available here

[via bltd]

Ferm Wall Stickers

Ferm Wall Stickers

ferm LIVING has some really cool new products available in the Ferm Shop.

Some of my favorite items are their wall stickers with subject matter ranging from underwater to trees to the 70′s and more!

They also have wallpaper and other small home decor items.

Also be sure to check out blik for other wallpaper stickers.