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Bibliochase Book Chair

Bibliochase Chair
If you’re book worm the Bibliochase book-chair is a must.

This chair will hold literally hundreds of books of all sizes while keeping every one of them right at your fingertips.

It’s a great storage piece as well as just a jazzy piece of furniture. Right now it seems it is only available in Italy and France but hopefully will make its way over to the US sometime soon.

Rolling Shelf

Rolling Shelf Obviously shelving is a good thing to have. The problem comes in when you’ve got that rogue item or three that are just too tall to fit any of the shelving you currently have set up.

That’s where Cat Greene’s ingenious rolling shelf comes in to play.

Using Kevlar to help hold the rolling wood items together, certain sections of shelving can be rolled up or out depending on the items you’d like to store.

A Sofa Bed taken to new Heights

BonBon DOC Sofa Bed
Multifunctional furniture really is something that every home should have. It just makes too much sense for furniture to serve multiple purposes to not have at least something in your home like that.

The DOC Sofa Bed by BonBon Trading is a fantastic example of multipurpose furniture. It converts from a simple sofa into a bunk bed. It takes the “sofa bed” to a completely new level and when it’s converted into the bed, it doesn’t take up any more floor space which is perfect for smaller apartments/lofts.

[via Furniture Fashion]

The Corner Tree

Corner Tree Industrial designer Abhinav Dapke has design a fun bookshelf to fit in any odd corner space. It’d be a perfect piece of furniture to hold anything from books to your keys and wallet to whatever else can sit on a flat surface.

Unfortunately it would seem this item isn’t in production yet. Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

[via Freshpilot]

Extremis IceCube

Extremis IceCube

The IceCube, by Belgian company Extremis, is a jazzy way to not only keep drinks cool at your monthly hoedown, but also add some stellar mood lighting to the party.

There are 4 different lighting colors available and an options cushion accessory that lets you turn your cooler into a glowing-seat-of-fun.


Extremis DoNuts

We’ve covered Extremis tables before and talked about how much we love them. And that is still the case with the Extremis DoNuts table.

This inflatable table can hold up to 6 people and is pretty much the perfect thing to take with you for a day at the beach.

They do warn, however, that the table probably wouldn’t work out so hot for actual floating on. Point noted.