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The Ice Cream Ball

Ice Cream Ball
Although summer has come and gone and the cool weather is starting up, that is no reason to forget about ice cream! This Ice Cream Ball looks like so much fun.

It’s quite simple to use. You just add the ingredients to the ball and shake it for about 20 minutes (that is the ball, not yourself). This is a great item to keep kids busy, pass around during a hike, or just get creative. Enjoy!

Roll & Store Pin

Roll & Store

Kitchen gadgets can really take over your space if you’re not careful. This Roll & Store Pin at Wrapables is a great solution to hold all of those little extras that are lying around the kitchen.

It comes with cookie cutters that you can store in the pin, but it can also be used for other things. You can put ice cubes in the pin, if you needed to keep something chilled or to prevent dough from sticking to the pin. My only concern about this gadget is that it may be a bit noisy. Regardless, it’s a neat concept!



I don’t care if you like or absolutely despise vegetables, these Mutatoes by artist Uli Westphal are fantastically mind boggling…if not a tad scary.

Uli has created an entire slew of “mutant” vegetables that are perfectly edible and are actually available at farmers markets in Berlin!

Check out the entire Mutatoes collection here.

[via swissmiss]