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Gold and Platinum Knives for the Rich and…Dumb

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Unreal. I guess some people will buy anything.

Victorinox Swiss Army has produced 2 different diamond encrusted knives for the uber-rich to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Victorinox.

Each knife is covered in 430 flawless diamonds to make a total of 4 carats. Each tool (except for the tweezers) have diamond engravings on to create a “beautiful” piece of work.

The gold knife is available for the low price of $50,000 while the platinum is significantly overpriced at $70,000.

These collectibles (atleast I assume they are “collectibles”…you don’t stab stuff with a $70,000 knife) each are limited to 120 pieces per style and are available here.

Gold-Plated iCans

iCans File this under “Spoiled Rich Kid”…these 24k Gold Plated Headphones are sure to get you mugged…and then kicked in the shins for wearing these ridiculous things.

They headphones are fully-collapsable and have built-in S-Logic Natural surround sound. Yeehaw.

Surprise of surprises, SkyMall is the place to snag these things.

At $200 a pop you’re sure to be laughed at in all public places.

[via geeksugar]

Gold Business Cards…A Perfect Card For “The Man”

Gold Business Card

So you’ve been looking for a way to shmooze your boss, eh? Well then you probably should get a hold of one of his business cards and send it here.

These guys will take your business card, scan it in to their machines, and then create a replica of the card in gold. Now, the card will only contain 1 gram of actual “gold”…but who really cares. Your boss sure won’t.

At only $180, it’s certainly worth the killer raise you’ll get.