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See Which Animal You Weigh

Animal Scale

My husband and I have stepped up our exercise plan, to lose a few pounds by the holidays. Although fun, this scale wouldn’t do much for the encouragement factor for anyone trying to lose weight.

When you weigh yourself, instead of numbers, animals are displayed. You can see which animal you weigh. Yeah, it’s cute, until you weigh the same as a pig!

[Via A Welsh View]

Camouflage Toilet Paper

Camouflage Toilet Paper
In case you were tired of your plain white toilet paper, you can now wipe in style with this camouflage toilet paper.

For $5.95 you get a roll that consists of 200 sheets of 3-ply toilet paper, imported from Germany.

[Via GeekAlerts]

USB Air Freshener…things just got weird

USB Air Freshener

I’ve seen some rather unusual USB devices in my day…but this might be the weirdest.

The USB Fragrance Oil drive from USB Geek lets you plugin a small “drive” into a USB port and put in a few drops of fragrance for which it will graciously emit throughout the day.

They have four magnificently un-geeky scents available: Rose, Peppermint, Jasmine, and Lavender.

What is the world coming to?