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Amazing wooden toys

Wooden Toy

Unfortunately my Japanese is a bit rough (read: I don’t know a lick of Japanese), but what I do know is that these wooden toys from take-g are amazing. I’ve really never seen such fun and playful woodwork executed so amazingly well.

If anyone has any information on where these could be purchased, please let me know.

Wooden Toy

Wooden Toy

Quadrics – The ‘future’ of toys

Quadrics There is a new set of plastic toy figures coming out, designed by Maxim Zhestkov, that are making waves for their sleek, futuristic style.

Right now there are currently 2 figures in the series available with 2 more figures coming out later this year.

Each figure is about 8 inches tall and promises to take over your entire home. Really.

The figures are about $60 each and can be purchased from Fugitive Toys.

Readymech Paper Toys

Readymech Paper Toys You like toys? You like art? You like crafts? Well first off, if you don’t you should. Second, you should checkout the paper toys from Readymech!

These are dozens of different characters for you to print out (they fit on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper) and fold and put all over the place to brighten someone’s day!

The only requirements for these toys are doubled-sided tape, thick matte paper (if you want them to last longer than a day), and about 10-15 minutes of your time for each toy!