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Excuse me, do you know what day it is?

Day ClockDay ClockDay Clock

Never forget what day it is again with the Day Clock!

Makes a really great gift for the senile, or the absent-minded.

You can get yours any day of the week at

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Step 1: Put nut between legs
Step 2: Squeeze

What more needs to be said?

Available at

Make your vote count with every flush

George Bush Toilet Paper

We figure that we’re certain to get some sh$t for this one, but we just couldn’t resist.  After all, we know that at least 70 percent of our American readers will love it!

(And whoever said we don’t spotlight any household staple items?)

George W Bush toilet paper is great for guest bathrooms … depending on who your guests are, that is.

Available from and other fine grocers.